Fresh Flower is a family of legacy cultivators and dispensary owners born out of the San Fernando Valley. Our team has been operating dispensaries since 2005, which put us at the front line of the cannabis prohibition. We take pride in the culture of this community and vow to do our part in preserving the integrity of the cannabis industry. We strive to provide the best and freshest flower directly to our consumers – from our gardens to your favorite retail store. We put in countless hours making sure the quality of our flower never falls short of perfection. Fresh Flower looks forward to elevating the standards of cannabis lovers across the state.


Jealousy is a sweet sleeper that will leave your eyelids droopy and your mind free and euphoric. The royal purple buds are covered in bright, golden trichomes, smelling of grape candy, and powdered sugar. Light this strong Indica-Hybrid and its potent grape soda and lime taste will linger on your tongue, making the rest of your senses Jealous.


Envy is Fresh Flower’s rendition of an old school Gelato that blends classic flavors with modern-day genetics. Its rich, verdant green buds are bathed in sandy crystals that smell as strong as they look. A bright pine and diesel aroma is followed by complex notes of spicy kush and lemon that are only to be outmatched by its taste; fresh baked sugar cookies, piney diesel, and fresh ginger. Envy's split Hybrid effects promote focus, creativity, and productivity while leaving the body feeling loose and relaxed.


Lemon Cherry Gelato is a sweet treat for those who don't want to get up from the couch once they take a hit. This stoney Indica-Hybrid hits right away, providing a strong body and head high that lasts for hours, making it perfect for a late night dessert. The speckled buds are painted with streaks of deep purple and covered in milky trichomes. This strain's smell and taste are almost exactly the same - like a dank lemon Italian ice with maraschino cherry syrup; candy gas. The true hidden gem from our menu.