Experience the power of PlugPlay products at Elevate Dispensary locations in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, and South LA. Our customers love PlugPlay for its heavy-hitting strong effects and exceptional quality. Explore our featured PlugPlay products and elevate your vaping experience.


Plugplay offers a range of top-quality cannabis products that cater to the desires of discerning consumers. Among their impressive lineup is the Melon Dew from the Exotics collection, a 1-gram cartridge that delivers a refreshing and fruity experience. Bursting with the essence of ripe melons, this cartridge provides a delightful and invigorating vaping session, leaving users feeling rejuvenated and satisfied.


Another standout choice is the Berry Gang from the Exotics collection by Plugplay. This 1-gram cartridge is a berry lover’s dream, combining the flavors of various juicy berries into one tantalizing package. With each inhale, the luscious berry notes envelop the senses, creating a truly enjoyable and flavorful cannabis experience.


For those seeking a classic strain, Plugplay offers the Girl Scout Cookies cartridge from the DNA collection. Known for its sweet and earthy flavors, this 1-gram cartridge delivers the distinct taste and effects that have made Girl Scout Cookies a favorite among cannabis connoisseurs. With its balanced and euphoric high, this cartridge provides a memorable and satisfying experience.

The Syndicate OG and King Louie cartridges, both from the DNA collection by Plugplay, offer unique and potent options for cannabis enthusiasts. The Syndicate OG, known for its pungent aroma and relaxing effects, delivers a deep sense of calm and tranquility. On the other hand, the King Louie cartridge offers a powerful and sedating experience, perfect for unwinding after a long day.


With their exceptional quality and variety, Plugplay cannabis products like Melon Dew, Berry Gang, Girl Scout Cookies, Syndicate OG, and King Louie provide consumers with an opportunity to explore an array of flavors and effects, ensuring an elevated and enjoyable cannabis experience every time.


PlugPlay is a favorite among our customers for its powerful effects and smooth, satisfying vaping experience. With over 350+ puffs per charge, the 500mAh battery ensures more playtime and less charging time. PlugPlay’s commitment to quality and innovation make it a standout choice for those seeking a premium vaping experience.


Stop by one of our Elevate Dispensary locations in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, or South LA to discover our full range of PlugPlay products. Our expert staff is available to help you curate the perfect healing experience tailored to your needs. Don’t miss out on the chance to elevate your vaping experience with PlugPlay. For more information about PlugPlay, visit their official website.


PlugPlay is​​ a renowned cannabis​​ vaporizer brand​​ that offers high​​-quality dist​​illate oil cartridges​​ and sleek magnetic​​ batteries. The​​ company emphasizes​​ the importance​​ of using top​​-notch starting​​ materials for​​ their cannabis​​ oils. To ensure​​ this, PlugPlay partners​​ with cannabis​​ farms that meet​​ high standards​​ in their grow​​, only allowing​​ greenhouse-grown buds​​ from a pesticide​​-free environment​​ for processing. ​​The founders​​ of PlugPlay have​​ taken it upon​​ themselves to​​ be on-par with​​ the cannabis​​ processing standards​​ in the state​​ of Oregon. 

The​​ co-founder and​​ extraction artist​​ separate the​​ trichomes through​​ a meticulous​​ process, ensuring​​ the final product​​ has a perfect​​ blend of clean​​ and potent THC​​ oil with just​​ the right amount​​ of added ter​​penes. ​​PlugPlay has​​ developed a unique​​ line of products​​ that cater to​​ both potency​​ and flavor-driven consumers​​. 


Their DNA line​​ features strains​​ such as Fire​​ OG, King Lou​​ie XIII, Train​​ Wreck, Jack Her​​er, Pineapple Express​​, and Girl Scouts​​ Cookies, while​​ their Exotic line​​ offers flavors​​ like Strawberry​​ Champagne, Apple​​ Slushie, Pound​​ Cake, and Grape​​ Ape. ​​The Plug​​Play vape cartridges​​ are known for​​ their exceptional​​ strength and​​ performance. Their vape​​ pods are designed​​ to be odorless, mess​​-free, and easy​​ to use, featuring​​ a micro USB port​​ for convenient​​ charging.


Elevate​​ is a California​​-based recreational​​ and medical marijuana​​ dispensary known​​ for providing​​ its community​​ with safe access​​ to cannabis products​​ for healing and​​ wellness. We offer a wide​​ selection of​​ weed strains​​ from various​​ brands, ensuring​​ that their customers​​ have access to​​ the freshest and​​ most popular​​ products available​​. ​​


Elevate’s dispens​​ary locations​​ carry a vast​​ range of cannabis​​ products, including​​ fresh flowers​​ from family-owned cultiv​​ators in the San​​ Fernando Valley. They strive​​ to provide the​​ best and fres​​hest flower directly​​ to their consumers​​, ensuring the​​ highest quality​​ possible. ​​In addition​​ to their fresh​​ flower offerings​​, Elevate also​​ carries various​​ vape products​​ from brands like​​ PlugPlay and​​ STIIIZY (link to Stiiizy page). Their​​ inventory cat​​ers to a diverse​​ clientele, ranging​​ from first-time users​​ to experienced​​ cannabis connoisseurs. 


​​Elevate takes​​ pride in educating​​ its customers​​ about the many​​ benefits of CBD​​ and THC, offering​​ an elevated experience​​ for everyone​​ who visits their​​ dispensaries. Their commitment​​ to providing​​ a safe and comfortable​​ environment for​​ their customers​​ has helped them​​ establish a reputation​​ as one of the​​ top dispensaries​​ in California​​.​​ PlugPlay’s production​​ processes prioritize​​ the use of high​​-quality starting​​ materials and​​ meticulous extraction​​ methods to ensure​​ potent and clean​​ THC oil in their​​ vape cartridges​​. Elevate is​​ a well-known California​​ dispensary that​​ offers a wide​​ selection of​​ weed strains​​, catering to​​ diverse customer​​ preferences and​​ ensuring the​​ freshest products​​ from top brands​​ are available​​.